1. The world's adult literacy rate is 78%. In the world's least developed countries, the rate is 55%. (1)

2. Only 57.5% of people over age 15 in Liberia can read and write. (2)

3. Nearly 120 million are still out of school, 53 per cent of them girls. (8)

4. Women with even a few years of schooling are better agricultural workers, generate more income, and take better care of their families. (17)

5. The average adult in Liberia has received just 2.5 years of formal schooling. (18)

6. Just one out of every four women in Liberia can read and write. (19)

7. Investing in adult education and literacy improves the quality of health, level of income and well-being of whole families in addition to increasing the likelihood that future generations will receive a similar education.