In late May of 2006 a team of 14 went to Gbargna, Liberia, to carry out The Shine Foundation's inaugural mission. There were three components to this mission, each one proving very successful.

1. Britt Academy - Working in conjunction with Samaritan's Purse and Touch The World Ministries, The Shine Foundation constructed a 3,500 sq. ft. school at Rainbow Town Orphanage. The school will serve not only Mother Feeta's children, but also those from nearby villages. It was named in honor of 1st Lt. Benjamin Britt, who selflessly gave his life for his countrymen on December 22nd, 2005.

2. Dental Clinic - Our dental team provided free services to patients in an area that had not seen a dentist since 1989. They successfully treated 200 Liberians.

3. Pastoral Conference - Over 50 pastors and church leaders studied servant-leadership under the teaching of our pastoral team.